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Game on !

Process :

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As part of a project for the Yvelines department, MUTT created a videocast series titled "Je(ux) Serai," (Game on !) which delves into the lives, dreams, and challenges of Yvelines athletes in preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.



This series dives into the lives, dreams, and challenges of Yvelines athletes preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Discover the creative process, inspirations, and highlights of this project that transcends the boundaries of sport to weave captivating and deeply human stories.




The Genesis of the Project



The 'Je(ux) Serai' (Game on!) project emerged from a strong ambition: to capture the Olympic spirit through the personal experiences of Yvelines athletes, using this department as a vivid backdrop.


MUTT innovated with a podcast format enriched with photos and animations, illustrating the personal stories behind athletic feats. This series of 8 episodes marks the beginning of an unprecedented narrative adventure.


Multidimensional Storytelling


At the heart of 'Je(ux) Serai' lies an immersive and multidimensional narrative approach. Each episode is meticulously crafted to explore the varied facets of the athletes: from their daily routines to their deepest aspirations, including the significant impact of the Games on their lives.


Hosted by Laurie Berthon, a former Olympic track cyclist, this documentary series draws inspiration from both journalistic and radiophonic storytelling to provide an intimate window into the demanding world of high-level sport.



Inspiring Stories


Personalities like Kristelle Congi, a firefighter and triathlete, are highlighted to underscore the crucial role of nutrition in the pursuit of athletic performance. The stories of Djibril El Mouden (breakdancing), Jérémy Rozier (rugby refereeing), and other talented athletes illustrate the richness and diversity of journeys, enriching the series with a wide and colorful range of emotions.


A Creative and Logistical Challenge


The realization of 'Je(ux) Serai' demanded precise and rigorous orchestration, from the initial conception to post-production, including filming in a multitude of locations throughout the Yvelines. The unwavering commitment of the MUTT team, coupled with close collaboration with the athletes and the Yvelines Department, was crucial in overcoming the logistical and aesthetic challenges of the project. The innovative use of analog photos for the visual aspect further enriches the narrative experience.


"Je(ux) Serai" transcends the concept of a podcast to become a true exploration of the soul of athletes, revealing their motivations, challenges, and sources of inspiration. This series brilliantly illustrates the impact of listening, innovation, and commitment in creating content that resonates far beyond its initial context. "Je(ux) Serai" sets a new standard in storytelling, offering content that is both relevant to the Yvelines region and innovative within the realm of sports podcasts.



Discover 'Je(ux) Serai' on your favorite podcast platform and immerse yourself in the inspiring stories that shape the legacy of the Yvelines on the road to Paris 2024. And if these podcasts inspire you, let's start a conversation!



Podcast series conceptualization and production


Podcast-video series
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