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Tour de France électrique

Shining a Spotlight on Professionals Who Make the Mini Electric an Everyday Tool and a Distinctive Point in Their Activities, While Illustrating Mini's Commitment to Ecology Applied in the Field – That's Our Mission Accomplished Alongside the 14H Agency.


A Journey Beyond Content Production


We traversed France, from the island of Oléron to Toulouse, meeting these professionals and their Minis. It wasn't just a trip; it was an immersion into the lives of the professionals chosen by Mini. To succeed in this immersion, we opted for a nimble team, ready to seize opportunities and improvise while remaining true to our project.



Meticulous Preparation and Flexibility


The meticulous preparation of the project was crucial because the unexpected could arise at any moment. We aimed to seamlessly integrate it into a rigorous script validated by the brand. Among the unforeseen challenges were the professionals we encountered, who were never actors, the places visited, and the whims of the weather.


Collaboration and Consistency


Our close collaboration with Mini ensured that each episode created aligned with their vision and brand image. Our production team was not just technical; it was also editorial, thereby ensuring the consistency of the project.t.



A Concrete Example of Our Philosophy


This project remains a tangible embodiment of our philosophy: fluidity, co-construction, transparency in content production, dedication to quality and brand platform, not to mention trust in our partners within the project.

Video reporting, a format halfway between advertising and documentary, is a passion for us. It allows us to create engaging content while highlighting the brand and providing value to the audience. If you have stories to bring to life, unforgettable on-the-ground narratives, we can materialize your visions. Your next adventure starts here!